Providing Service with Insight


It takes more than one person to get a job done correctly. It takes more than one company to change the face of an industry. AWD is affiliated with the following organizations in an effort to better ourselves as well as lend our expertise to the future welders and fitters.

AWD prides itself on our attention to detail when it comes to safety. We understand that safety is not only the livelihood of our employee's but also livelihood of our company. With an active safety program AWD has maintained a very good record allowing us to work and do business with large firms that require strict safety backgrounds.

Mountainland Applied Technology College. AWD is actively investing in local welding programs. AWD believes that in a few years the MATC pipe program could be one of the top schools in the country. Gaining the value of local skilled labor and changing the way people view a welding career is our top goal. AWD's Project Foreman Russell Holman currently sits on the board that meet bi annually to discuss course topics and future direction of the welding program.

Idaho State University. AWD has had a long run of quality students coming from the ISU campus. AWD will continue to be an affiliate of this institution.

American Welding Society. AWD is currently an affiliate member of the AWS. We believe that keeping tabs on the industry is important to provide the best quality and options for future projects.